Make Your Relations Click

We believe that IFAs should be able to focus their energies on the aspect which is most important to them – client relationship management, and leave all the other operational/transactional/digital worries to rest.

With this as the context, we endeavour to empower IFAs with digital enablers which will not only help them grow their business but also make it sustainable & scalable. More importantly, it will help IFAs to use the power of digital medium to create engagement with clients and make relations click.

We are committed to providing IFAs with access to the services needed to grow their business and we believe that Shubhchintak offers the tools to enable this.

At Axis Mutual Fund we are facilitating the creation of a new breed of mutual fund distributors – Shubhchintaks who are being equipped with the right infrastructure in terms of technology and processes to right-sell the various funds of Axis Mutual Fund and thus help investors in achieving their goals and aspirations.


Axis Asset Management Company is playing the role of making the intermediary infrastructure available to those who are eligible to distribute mutual funds. Axis MF proposes to do this by on boarding Mutual Fund distributors who are willing to implement a systematic client engagement process.

To meet this requirement, Axis AMC has entered into an arrangement with a third party vendor to provide the necessary infrastructure support to distributors and help them in advising and selling mutual funds. For this purpose, distributors are required to independently enter into separate agreements or agree to the terms of the service provider and interact directly with the service provider. Axis AMC is facilitating this service to encourage right-selling of mutual funds.

What Makes a Tick

Holistic understanding of investor profile: Capturing investors' info in terms of financial needs, goals, inflow/outflow cycle, and risk appetite.

Need Analysis and Financial Diagnosis: Analysing current financial profile, detecting gaps and recommending suitable investment solutions using Axis Mutual Funds.

Infrastructure Managed by : FIINFRA is a third party service provider which interalia provides the infrastructure to distributors for facilitating better sales and client experience by combining People, Process, Technology & Knowledge. Distributors are required to enter into separate agreements with FIINFRA to avail the services provided by it.

Complete Confidentiality: Separate agreement to be signed with FIINFRA thus ensuring complete data confidentiality. Axis Mutual fund will have no access to Shubhchintak’s database.

Customizable: You can white-label your company name & logo.

Implementation of action plan: Based on holistic understanding and need analysis, scientific 5D approach can be followed:

  • Why is one investing (Goal)
  • How far is the goal (Time)
  • What is the quantum of end goal (Corpus required)
  • How much can one invest currently (Investment amount)
  • Gap between existing investment & required investment to achieve a goal.

Client-level revenue pipeline: Shubhchintaks can recommend an action plan based on the inputs received from the investors and the processing carried out by the service provider. They can assess client-wise quantum of potential revenue. This process would help move from a revenue-per-transaction approach which is short term to a revenue-per-client approach which is over the life of the investor.

Referral generation opportunities: As a result of enhanced experience for investors, they are likely to suggest the proposition to family/friends. The platform would have a referral capturing mechanism which would enable Shubhchintaks to expand their business.

Analytics: Whom to approach and for what? What if scenarios - analytics that will help you dissect your client portfolios.

Why Become a

Freedom from working on multiple software solutions as it offers a comprehensive view of the Client data.

Intuitive interface allows you to handle Client requirements seamlessly.

Regular Learning & Development interventions to help you enhance your business.

Marketing support & sales enablers which will help grow your business.

Access to Knowledge Sharing Power Meets and other resources for knowledge upgradation.

The platform helps reduce operational costs and enhance business opportunities.

More than anything else, Shubhchintak helps you get recognized as a life goals planner of Clients, thus moving away from being seen just as a 'transaction-based advisor'.

Who can become a

Anyone with a valid ARN code who believes in goal planning and wants to considerably enhance investor experience, improve productivity and grow the business can become a Shubhchintak. The distributor also needs to be empanelled with Axis Mutual Fund.

The service provider also offers other services for which the distributiors may enter into appropriate arrangements/agreements with the service provider.

Assistance & Support

Become a without any chinta!

  • Adequate learning & development intervention at every step of becoming a Shubhchintak.
  • Guidance and support required on a day-to-day basis.
  • End-to-end backend technology solution to equip Shubhchintaks to handle business operations including pre-sales, sales & post sales through a single sign-in.
  • Recognition & reward for carrying out best practices & taking up client centric approach for investment planning through mutual funds.


Providing convenience to investors is the key

The role of Shubhchintaks in educating investors

Shubhchintak is the one you can trust with your family's financial health.

The importance of building client relationships.

Revolutionizing investment planning

The art of discovering & capturing dreams

Optimizing time and enhancing business

How to make money work for you?

Investment Planning for an entrepreneur

Does one need professional advice while investing?


Become a

Empanelled with Axis Mutual Fund ? Yes No

Please provide us with your preferred date/time for taking you through the system which would take 20-30 mins